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Kicking off GenAI @ work: Building Compliance Layers for Financial Services

Edited by | ANSA
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Edited by | ANSA

Cetif-Università Cattolica and Reply announce the launch of the "GenAI@work" LAB, an initiative dedicated to the development and monitoring of GenAI algorithms in the financial sector.

The working group aims to identify practices and operational technical solutions to promote regulatory, ethical and technical compliance in GenAI implementation.

The workshop titled "GenAI @ work: Building Compliance Layers for Financial Services" (GenAI@work" LAB), will provide participants with the opportunity to work directly on real use cases, implementing and validating solutions in a shared, system-wide environment. The main objective of the LAB is the creation ofshared operational guidelines and standards in order to introduce CompliantGenAI concepts in the financial sector. These standards will be applicable in both the design phase (ex-ante) and monitoring phase (ex-post) of GenAI algorithms. In addition, the LAB will conduct compliance assessment tool pilots - conducted with the support of Reply - using a risk-based approach, to assess the compliance of GenAI use cases in the financial sector.

The "GenAI@work" LAB is conducted together with the top 10 Italian significant banks that have ongoing GenAI projects or experiments. The goal of the lab is to conduct applied research on a topic of high technological impact in the financial sector.

Through collaboration within the "GenAI@work" LAB, participants will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the creation of a shared White Paper, which will summarize best practices and emerging solutions in the application of GenAI in the financial sector.

For more information about the "GenAI@work" LAB and how to participate, please contact: Cetif - cetif@unicatt .it