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Do you want to become a leader in the insurance world?

Edited by Milano Finanza
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Edited by Milano Finanza

Registration is now open for the fourth edition of the Level I Master's Degree in Insurance Management sponsored byUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Ania, the Association of Insurance Companies. The objective of the course is to transfer knowledge and skills to train future insurance managers, orienting them to meet the challenges of innovation, sustainability and internationalization of the sector.

Insurance companies are traditionally engaged in building a social protection network aimed at the individual, the community, families, the world of production, the state and markets. Therefore, the insurance industry is naturally keen to seize multiple development opportunities by leveraging innovation, both by renewing its strategy and business and service models and by investing in the acquisition of new professional and technological skills. The Master's degree in Insurance Management, Innovation, Sustainability and International Scenarios aims to build new professionals who combine technical skills and digital skills, capable of operating in international contexts and attentive to sustainability issues (business, social, technological, environmental, etc.).

In cooperation with Cetif - the Research Center of Cattolica - the Master's program is aimed at graduates and undergraduates (specialist, master's, old system) mainly from the Faculties of Economics and Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Computer Science, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, Law, Political and Social Sciences, and Psychology, as well as graduates from other faculties or with equivalent foreign degrees. The Master's program is also aimed at young professionals who want to strengthen their skills in the insurance industry.

The course starts in March 2024, is delivered in Italian and lasts one year (totaling 1500 hours). The educational program involves alternating synchronous classroom training (delivered in dual mode, thus usable both in-person and remotely), asynchronous educational content (slide sets and video lectures) and internship or Innovation Project activities.

In-person classroom lectures are held atUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore , Milan campus. Those who cannot attend the in-person classes are guaranteed to enjoy all educational activities online via the Blackboard E-Learning platform.

A Curricular Internship at insurance companies associated with Ania and/or partners in the network of Cetif is also planned. As an alternative to the Internship, the participant can choose to carry out an Innovation Project, which consists of writing a paper under the supervision of a Master's teacher or a company Tutor appointed by the Management. Director of the Master's program is Professor Chiara Frigerio, Associate of Business Organization at Cattolica and Secretary General of Cetif. The Master's program concludes with a Graduation Day.

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