• Membership

    More than 30,000 professionals make up the ecosystem of Cetif: we facilitate the meeting and exchange between banks, insurers and companies in an academic Center, competent and independent environment to share knowledge, experience and strategies on the most innovative drivers of change.

  • Research

    16 Research Hubs focused on dynamics of strategic evolution, regulatory updates, organizational and process practices, and the effects of digitization: we study innovation trends and best practices and share them with our communities.

  • Events

    Over 60 events including Main events (Workshop and Summit) and Community events (related to research activities) and Webinar: we bring together banks, insurance companies and businesses for shared growth on trends and challenges to outline innovative development strategies.

Who we are

Cetif is

The Research Center ofUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, which for more than 30 years has been conducting Conferences, promoting Research, delivering Executive and Master's courses on the dynamics of strategic, organizational and technological change in the financial, banking and insurance sectors. 

In 2020 Cetif established Cetif Advisory , the university technology transfer spin-off to translate academic research results into action.



Innovation. Strategy. Management development. It is the Cetif ecosystem.

The mission of Cetif is to 'accelerate and foster the evolution of the financial sector and its international competitive ability through the levers of innovation, digitization and business sustainability.

That is why we have been accompanying the cultural and economic growth of the financial sector for more than 30 years through constant research of best practices, sharing of experiences, upskilling and development of innovative solutions.


Excellence, quality and critical thinking in all activities and challenges.

Business and governance to evolve through technology, regulation and innovation capacity.

Change as a comparison between different subjects and bearers of heterogeneous stakeholders, university as a privileged place of exchange.

Solid academic tradition combined with dynamism of innovation to design and build the ecosystems of the future.

Originality, experience, vision and passion for programs, activities and people of Cetif and its network.

The 'approach

We study and research major strategic trends with a multidisciplinary perspective.
We observe international technological evolution.
We train top talent and strengthen executive management skills.
We test technologies and develop digital system solutions. 

Professionals who are members of the Center
Member institutions and companies
Active in-depth communities
Events dedicated to the evolution of the Italian financial system

Join Cetif

Choosing Cetif means joining the most relevant Network of protagonists of change in the Italian financial sector. It also means investing in the future, knowledge and collaboration, thanks to the numerous research, training and advisory activities carried out with an academic approach that ensures independence, expertise and methodological rigor.

Our Teams constantly follow and explore the dynamics of change in different ecosystems and the strategic, technological and regulatory evolutions, analyzing the effects on organizational practices, processes and business opportunities. 

The activities of Cetif are divided into

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