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    More than 30,000 professionals make up the ecosystem of Cetif: we facilitate the meeting and exchange between banks, insurers and companies in an academic Center, competent and independent environment to share knowledge, experience and strategies on the most innovative drivers of change.

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    16 Research Hubs focused on dynamics of strategic evolution, regulatory updates, organizational and process practices, and the effects of digitization: we study innovation trends and best practices and share them with our communities.

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    Over 60 events including Main events (Workshop and Summit) and Community events (related to research activities) and Webinar: we bring together banks, insurance companies and businesses for shared growth on trends and challenges to outline innovative development strategies.


Training Courses and Services

Are you looking for training, further education or professional development?

At Cetif Academy every day we respond to the upskilling and reskilling demands of professionals and organizations. The focus on continuous and personalized professional development is an indispensable value for us.


Flexible. Authoritative. Customized. The ideal solution for every training need

The Academy Team designs and implements university executive education programs developed over more than 30 years of research Cetif and targeting top and board bodies, top and middle managers, talent and high potential, juniors and young recent graduates from the finance, banking and insurance sectors to transfer knowledge, expertise and best practices.

Hours of training provided
Master's and Executive Courses
Middle and Top Managers Trained
Lecturers, External Guest and Testimonials

Our educational offerings

Cetif Academy offers numerous Training and Professional Development Courses. The training offer, structured in Open Courses, Company Specific Program, Master & Summer School and Education Advisory covers a wide range of programs, contents and formats for all those who want to acquire or increase their technical, strategic and managerial skills expendable in banking, finance and insurance as well as in Corporate and SME companies.

Whether you are a Top or Middle Manager, a Professional, a talented young person or a recent graduate student, at Cetif Academy you can find the right initiative for you:

Faculty and Team

The Academy Faculty is composed of Cetif - Università Cattolica professors with specific knowledge of the banking and insurance world and an extensive network of professionals (Managers and Executives) who enrich the teaching with innovative content and practical experience.

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The teaching of all training initiatives at Cetif Academy involves a mix of theoretical fundamentals and practical applications (e.g., business cases), delivered through the most effective teaching techniques. Theoretical lectures alternate with moments of role playing, on-the-job training, exercises, workshop, action learning, and one-on-one meetings.

Innovative digital methodologies such as E-Learning, Social Learning, Flipped Classroom, Edutainment are also used.

Diverse formats - blended, dual mode, online - and functional timelines - evening classes, midweek, short week, weekend - allow participants flexible and personalized learning.

Academy stories

At Cetif Academy the exchange of experience and knowledge creates ecosystems and networks that are fundamental to professional development. Find out what specific values characterize the lived experiences of those who have attended training with us.

Master's Degree in Insurance Management
"I highly recommend this Master's program created in partnership with ANIA as it offers a privileged path for students to be able to enrich their theoretical and practical skills specific to the field of insurance."
Francesco Rizzo
Summer School Transaction Banking for International Growth
"The Summer School has given me the opportunity to supplement my cultural background through knowledge of new and now much sought-after topics, and has provided me with the opportunity to enrich my cv and have a competitive edge in the job market."
Valentina Acquaviti
International Trade & Export Management Course
"For the role I am in, it is a good starting point to be able to hone techniques in the area of international trade and relations with our clients who are purely foreign and with whom we have relationships on a daily basis."
Agnes Farini
Master's Degree in Insurance Management
"I chose the Master's program in Insurance Management because I felt the need to supplement the knowledge and skills I had acquired during my undergraduate studies with additional managerial skills specific to the insurance industry."
Francesco Rizzo
Executive Master Digital Innovation & FinTech
"The choice to undertake this training was dictated by the natural drive toward a process of digital transformation, already intrinsic to the nature of the business reality in which I operate, which I felt I wanted to be a part of. The course allowed me to reconcile my financial knowledge with my interest in the Tech and Digital world, expanding my technical and personal skills, thanks to the continuous confrontation and stimuli received from professionals in the field. Particularly challenging was the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical notions, acquired during the lectures, in the realization of a Fintech Startup, which, from my point of view, allowed to stimulate important synergies among the members of the working pools and touch on the dream of being an entrepreneur of oneself. The Master's degree in "Digital Innovation and Fintech" has laid a solid foundation allowing me to welcome a new challenge in my professional growth, within the same company, with the assignment of two new roles, first as an Innovation Specialist, within the "Innovation, Sustainability and Value Strategy" Department, and since a few months within the "Digital Customer Channels" Function, as a UX-PM Web designer."
Francesco Fasano
Master's Degree in Insurance Management
"For someone passionate about the insurance world, this training course is ideal: beyond the invaluable confrontation with the students who participate, all of whom come from a wide variety of industry backgrounds, it offers the opportunity to meet the best professionals and lecturers, whose passion is capable of engaging the entire class." "The training plan is highly qualifying: essential theoretical content for those who work or intend to work in the industry is addressed, and there is active participation in practical workshops. The variety of topics covered in the lectures was enlightening not only to learn about the characteristics of the current insurance world, but especially that of the future."
Matilde Masuli

Blackboard platform

E-learning learning
In Cetif-Università Cattolica the main tool for learning management and online teaching. Courses created in Blackboard range from the download area to interaction and collaboration for students, faculty and their collaborators.
Customizable and flexible
flexible and articulated that includes course management tools, customizable institutional portals, virtual communities, and an advanced architecture that allows connection with different systems.
a simple interface and robust architecture that enable a connective tissue that can support education, usable via desktop or via mobile via dedicated APP.
360-degree fruition
detailed learning analytics and compatibility with the requirements of major interprofessional funds (FBA, Fondir, etc.).

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