• Membership

    More than 30,000 professionals make up the ecosystem of Cetif: we facilitate the meeting and exchange between banks, insurers and companies in an academic Center, competent and independent environment to share knowledge, experience and strategies on the most innovative drivers of change.

  • Research

    16 Research Hubs focused on dynamics of strategic evolution, regulatory updates, organizational and process practices, and the effects of digitization: we study innovation trends and best practices and share them with our communities.

  • Events

    Over 60 events including Main events (Workshop and Summit) and Community events (related to research activities) and Webinar: we bring together banks, insurance companies and businesses for shared growth on trends and challenges to outline innovative development strategies.


Cetif Advisory

We turn academic innovation into operations to bring value to business ecosystems.
Technology, innovation, application: business.

From scientific academic approach to concrete, problem-solving deliverables.

Ethical, sustainable, profitable.
To every reality its innovation.

The challenges of digitization raise companies' expectations, and innovation drives business, but only if it is right for the company and measurable in results.

We support banks, insurance companies, and corporations in identifying and implementing the most profitable innovative solutions suitable for their business, drawing on the expertise of our teams and the most promising scenarios identified by research. We translate identified opportunities into use cases, assess and share cost/benefits, agree on KPIs, and configure and implement the project to operationalize each identified and shared opportunity.


The offerings are developed along two main lines: wide-ranging consultancy toward clients and development of ecosystem projects.

Direct counseling
Guide and support the customer to solve problems through know - how.
Ecosystemic Projects.
Experimenting with solutions to streamline the value chain to create new services and products.

Skills and Clients

We collaborate with leading Italian and international companies and institutions that know how to combine scientific rigor and application pragmatism. Through a structured innovation process, we support clients from different fields: 

What we can do for you

Cetif Advisory, a spinoff of Cetif, was born in January 2020, when Cetif evolved to fulfill the third mission of Università Cattolica and transfer all the value generated in research centers to the company and its clients.

Our focus is end-to-end consulting, from analysis to implementation, for solutions in Blockchain & DLT, AI Strategy, Business & Advanced Analytics, Assessment & HR Wellbeing.

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