• Membership

    More than 30,000 professionals make up the ecosystem of Cetif: we facilitate the meeting and exchange between banks, insurers and companies in an academic Center, competent and independent environment to share knowledge, experience and strategies on the most innovative drivers of change.

  • Research

    16 Research Hubs focused on dynamics of strategic evolution, regulatory updates, organizational and process practices, and the effects of digitization: we study innovation trends and best practices and share them with our communities.

  • Events

    Over 60 events including Main events (Workshop and Summit) and Community events (related to research activities) and Webinar: we bring together banks, insurance companies and businesses for shared growth on trends and challenges to outline innovative development strategies.


Research HUB

The Cetif Research HUBs are applied research pathways, organized by specialized Communities, created to target strategies, evaluate the Business effects of innovation, and propose areas for experimentation, including the systemic ones

Valuable, Actionable, Relevant. The characteristics of the research Cetif.
  • A privileged and aknowledged observatory to track innovation trends and change dynamics for the entire financial system
  • Research Team composed of Professors and Researchers with years of experience in financial market analysis
  • Constant and active involvement of the Authorities-including the Bank of Italy, CONSOB, IVASS-and industry associations

HUB Communities

Each HUB offers differentiated - but integrated - pathways for Top Managers, Middle Managers, Specialists and PMOs from financial institutions, consulting and IT services companies, engaged in designing strategies and leading transformation projects for specific Business, Operational and Staff Areas.

Steering Committee
A Steering Committee is established for each HUB that meets twice a year to direct research topics, promote Community activities and validate the results produced. It is composed of CxOs and Top Managers from the areas of General Management, Marketing and Sales, Organization, IT, internal controls, and representatives from Authorities, Associations and Institutions.
Research Community
Participating in Cetif's HUB means being an active part of a Community and connecting with experts with skills and experiences heterogeneous, share activities and best practices from different banking and insurance realities, help develop innovation with market players, and obtain exclusive research reports and benchmark results.

The research path of the HUBs

Each HUB includes 4 working days, structured in two sessions: Community Event and Research Meeting . The goal is to foster knowledge sharing, best practice sharing and co-creation of assets and use cases.

Community event
These are thematic events in which the content produced by the research is shared with the HUB Community. The event is enriched by reports and testimonials from Authorities, Associations and case studies that stand out for their vision and projects implemented. Topics are discussed and explored directly with members of Steering Committee in an active discussion with the entire Research Community.
Research Meeting
These are work sessions aimed at the realization of research projects and its outputs. The approach is that of an Active Lab, which leverages qualitative-quantitative analysis and collaborative methodologies to build shared and concrete outputs useful for supporting the initiation of project activities. It is aimed at Steering Committee Liaisons and specialists with responsibilities on transformational projects.
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