• Membership

    More than 30,000 professionals make up the ecosystem of Cetif: we facilitate the meeting and exchange between banks, insurers and companies in an academic Center, competent and independent environment to share knowledge, experience and strategies on the most innovative drivers of change.

  • Research

    16 Research Hubs focused on dynamics of strategic evolution, regulatory updates, organizational and process practices, and the effects of digitization: we study innovation trends and best practices and share them with our communities.

  • Events

    Over 60 events including Main events (Workshop and Summit) and Community events (related to research activities) and Webinar: we bring together banks, insurance companies and businesses for shared growth on trends and challenges to outline innovative development strategies.


Workshop, Summit, Community Event and Webinar to experience together with the protagonists of transformation: when you participate in the Network Cetif, meeting moments become must-attend innovation and development events.

Find out the programs now and follow along in person or remotely.

Cetif Summit | Innovation Trends in Finance 2024: Journey to AI, Cloud and Cyber
Ideas, knowledge, networks. Much more than just a meeting.

The events are the occasions at which Cetif brings together the various communities in its Network to learn more, get updated and develop valuable relationships on issues of strategic and organizational evolution in the financial, banking and insurance ecosystems.

The speakers represent regulatory bodies, industry associations, banks, insurance companies and consulting, service and IT companies.

The different formats allow everyone to find the answer to their information need.

The acts available on the Cetif Portal also allow content to be explored and applied asynchronously.

All Events Cetif are held in-person or in mixed mode (dual mode) at the prestigious venues of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

Upcoming events

Stay up-to-date on upcoming calendar events so you can follow your Communities and Insights topics. 

Who are the speakers

More than 400 speakers per year participate in the various sessions and scheduled events. The composition of the speakers is identified by the Management of Cetif on the basis of content, balancing the presence of national and international entities and established and systemically relevant ones with smaller ones with territorial and specialized vocation.


Proceedings of all Events Cetif can be accessed on the website that represents the Knowledge Repository with more than 10 years of history. Most of the proceedings can be accessed by Members and, for research activities, by participants registered for the activities.

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