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LIONITY - The Digital Securities Platform

Lionity is the Platform of Cetif Advisory "created with and for financial institutions" for theissuance and placement of Digital Securities representative of the main asset classes (Real Estate, Investment Funds, Bonds, ...) on the primary market, and for trading on the secondary market through the first Automated Market Maker of Digital Securities at the institutional level in Europe.

The Lionity platform is the result of applied research and development initiated by Cetif Advisory in 2020 through a series of projects together with the Italian financial system to test the nascent market segment of digital financial instruments.


Between 2020 and 2021 together with eight leading Italian banks and asset managers, the ecosystem project "Security Token & Alternative Investment" for the purpose of testing the first prototype of the Lionity platform for the simulated issuance and placement of digital financial instruments on the primary market, representative of real estate assets.


Between 2022 and 2023, Lionity was the only tokenization platform admitted to the Ministry of Economy and Finance's Sandbox Regulatory with two of Italy's leading banks. Within Sandbox, the first real transactions in the Italian jurisdiction of primary market issuance and placement of digital financial instruments, representing investment fund shares, were conducted in mirroring mode.


During 2023, the module for the secondary market of Lionity, the first Automated Market Maker (AMM) for digital financial instruments.


At this time, the Lionity platform is ready to support on primary market financial institution clients in order to conduct the first real issuance and placement transactions for major asset classes (bonds, investment fund shares, loans, real estate, etc.).


Services offered

LIONITY stands out for its innovativeness and for being compliant by design with regulatory guidelines in the services it offers:

- Primary market operations: the platform's primary market module manages every stage of primary market operations, from structuring to issuance to placement, for major asset classes (bonds, investment fund shares, loans, real estate, etc.).

- Ecosystemic experimentation in the secondary market: the secondary market module of the platform, will enable interested clients to be able to test and experiment Automated Market Making logics within the perimeter of regulations and ablitators promoted by International Authorities (Exploratory Work, DLT Pilot Regime,...)

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