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Workshop Cetif sull’evoluzione regolamentare: resilienza, governance e trasparenza adattate al sistema dei controlli interni



EU regulation 2024: between resilience, good governance and value for money
10.00 - 16.00
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We interact daily with a Network of more than 30,000 qualified players in the Italian and international financial system who collaborate to enhance the value and prestige of the Community Cetif.

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Digital Insurance & Distribution: the Omnichannel and Innovative Insurance Distribution

The world of insurance distribution is facing a major transformation, dictated by the need to adapt to the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Indeed, among the strategic objectives of Insurance Companies emerges the desire to offer omnichannel experiences to the customer, in order to propose a highly personalized service model [...]


The Business Lines

Digital Resilience - Time is Now

The DORA Regulation envisions a model of digital resilience by design for the financial sector, with risk management integrated across the entire lifecycle of financial services.

International Research

Since 1995, Cetif has actively participated in international research projects funded by the European Union, involving leading financial institutions and research centers operating in Europe.